Bruno (aka Bandit) has brought so much joy to our household. My three boys can’t wait to see him in the morning and play with him. He is loving and playful and so patient with my boys, which is so impressive because he is such a young puppy. I’m impressed with him everyday. He has really become part of the Susi family the second he walked into our home. We can’t imagine our life without him now, like he has always been with us.

The boys love taking him for walks and feeding Bruno his meals. This experience has really taught them to care for their dog and Bruno is responding so well to them. Bruno’s favorite thing and ours is snuggling on the couch in the evening. He just falls asleep curled up next to the boys. It is absolutely precious. We love love love him. The sweetest dog ever, always so eager to please.

Warm regards,
The Susi family