It only took a couple of days for Reggie to start checking out every corner of the house. He had a little trouble with using the long stairway, but is going down quite well now. Going up the stairs he is always full speed and he stumbles now and then.

The first night home, I took Reggie to my bed about 9pm, and he slept till about 7:30. Then, to my surprise he started playing around in the bed and crawled on his belly up to me and kissed and kissed!!

I cleared a double circle area in my yard with my Snowblower, and you should see him race around and change direction. He is getting a lot of exercise. Reggie went to the vet Tuesday, and he checked out fine. He does get anxious when startled, with growling and nipping. I may need to have him see a behavioral trainer.

As far as comments about the shelter and staff I can only say Thank You Pat, Ray, Jena and Julie for all your efforts to find me this beautiful dog and I will do all I can to make his life from now on a very happy one.