Doesn’t she look happy? She is! And so am I.

In the Fall of 2012 I met the new love-of-my-life at NEAS. She was then called April, but Iscah (pronounced Iska) fits her perfectly and she responded immediately to it. When the adoption counselor brought her to me, she walked right over and crawled into my lap, resting her head on my chest. I was smitten, and she went home with me that night. Neither of us has ever looked back.

Everyone who meets Iscah falls in love with her. What’s not to love? I’m so fortunate to have found her. She’s fit into the household perfectly. Of course, she wants to play with the cats, who have varying opinions of her. But we have found a blissfully peaceful place.

Iscah loves life and life loves her. One of her favorite things is romping on the beach, as you can see by this picture taken at Nahant. NEAS, thank you so much for giving my girl and me our life together.