We had been searching for a second dog, for about 6 months, as a companion to our first dog, Daisy. The challenge was that Daisy is a very dominant female who does not get along with a lot of other dogs. When Ray told us that you had a sweet & timid little Chihuahua, just in from Southern California, we were quite open to taking a look to find out if he would be a good match for Daisy…and we are SO grateful we did!

We are quite happy to say that Gatsby (formerly Hammer) is the perfect addition to our family!!! My husband & I fell completely in love with him, from the second we saw his big adorable eyes, and sweet little under-bite…and we couldn’t believe how well Daisy took to him, as quickly as she did. It’s as if they were meant to be together, all along.

In the five weeks he’s been with us, he’s totally come out of his shell. He was a bit timid, at first, as he still is when meeting new people…But, once he’s comfortable with you, what a personality! He’s so loving and just wants to give kisses, all the time…both, to humans and to Daisy. He’ll roll right over on his back and welcome all the belly scratches you are willing to offer. He loves his big sister so much, follows her everywhere she goes, and mimics everything she does…including peeing like a girl. It’s hysterical! The two of them love to burrow in blankets together and cuddle up close. They’ve also learned to play quite gently with one another, and if one of them is ever concerned the other is hurt…they run right over and give kisses, and make sure all is well.

We had such a wonderful experience with Northeast Animal Shelter and your incredibly kind, caring, & helpful staff! Thank you for helping us make our family complete!