“My name was Peg, but now it is Chloe! My new family adopted me on February 3, 2015. On the car ride home from the shelter, I was so relieved to be going home that I slept with my head on my new mom’s lap the whole way home! Since I was a little nervous to get in and out of the car, she picked me up and helped me (she still helps me in but I can jump out myself now!). I’ve learned a lot of other things too, like how to walk up and down all of the stairs to our third floor apartment. I love all of the snow up here. I am one of the “Texas pups” and at first I really hated the snow, but now I know that it is okay to walk on it and go to the bathroom out there. This makes my family very happy! They were very patient with me, as there was so much to learn in my new home.

I hear my family tell everyone that I am the sweetest puppy, so I guess that must be true! They take me everywhere with them and everyone says I am very well behaved. I think they are surprised that I am not energetic all of the time. Sometimes I just need to relax by myself and take naps! Since I am a good girl my family lets me do so many fun things like go for walks, have playdates with other dogs, and see my friends at doggie daycare. I am also going to puppy kindergarten and I love earning rewards for doing new tricks.

I am very happy that you let my family take me home. Thank you Northeast Animal Shelter!”