We are so in love with Brody. He has come to be another member of our family and we are so happy that we all found each other. A new puppy and a toddler is definitely a challenge at times, but the two of them really are best buddies. Brody has a great temperament and loves to be close to all of us. He is still very much a puppy. He is pretty much house broken which is great, even with all the snow, and now mud!

Night time is still a struggle. He is in his crate at night (and when we aren’t home) and he cries, and howls, and barks and whines for a while and throughout the night. We have tried many different tricks and are still trying new ones every few weeks. We’ll get there.

We had a great experience with everyone at the Shelter. It is a clean, well kept facility with friendly, passionate staff. We have recommended you guys to many people! We thank you for all your help and for introducing us to our sweet Brody!