December 31, 2014

Southern Journey Animal Rescue is our rescue partner in Georgia, and it is run by a very special person and pet lover, Chris Bishop.  As 2014 was about to close its doors, Chris received news of two 7 year old yellow labs who desperately needed a new home. Beau and Peaches had lived with a family since they were only 6 weeks old. Now their owners were having health problems.  Their human mom had a stroke and their human dad was having problems walking. Neither one could continue to care for them.

The owners did love these pets so very much and wanted only the best for them. Chris knew he had to help these two beautiful dogs, so he took them into his kennel and put their owners’ minds at ease.  He welcomed the new year with these dogs by his side.  Beau and Peaches might have thought their world had been torn apart, but what they didn’t know yet was that the New Year was going to bring them a new beginning in their lives.

Beau and Peaches immediately took a liking to Chris.  They were ever so loving toward him and enjoyed being walked. They always would stay right beside each other, and if one went to the door the other was right on its heels. In just a week’s time, these two became very special and dear to Chris’ heart, and that’s why he asked NEAS to find them a new home together.

When Chris called us, we didn’t hesitate to promise Chris that we would make sure they stayed together.  But we had to wait for the wintry weather to let up so Chris could bring Beau and Peaches to us, along with a bunch of other pets he had rescued.

February 23, 2015

Finally, we got a break in the weather, and Chris drove his van from Georgia to snowy Salem, MA.   When Beau and Peaches hopped out of the van, they ran around wagging their tales in excitement.  As they settled in for the night, Chris breathed a sigh of relief.  “I knew they would be safe forever and that God had a bigger plan for these two than I could have ever imagined.”

February 28, 2015

Beau and Peaches were adopted by a family from Rhode Island, who are thrilled to have found these two happy and loving dogs. It’s wonderful to see such a happy ending to this story.