My boyfriend David is on your website every single day, looking at available dogs (it’s part of his daily routine, along with a shower and morning coffee). Valentine’s Day morning he hopped on his laptop and saw that you guys had a whippet mix, about a year old, no picture…he told me this, and I said we should just go meet her, just to take a look. We got to the shelter and he saw Tillie for all of 5 seconds before he said, “she’s the one!” Very romantic.

And so, Tillie became Rosie due to her Valentine’s Day adoption. We could not be happier with Rosie. She is eating, sleeping, socializing and snuggling well. She is totally housebroken and knows a few commands…if you ask her for a hug, she’ll give you one! Being from South Carolina, the snow was kind of a shock for her (if you remember, we got another massive storm that evening), but NOW she climbs those snow piles like it’s nobody’s business. I will sometimes find her in my bed under the covers…in the middle of the afternoon. I am so glad that Rosie has found our home, her forever home. Thank you, Northeast Animal Shelter for all of your hard work.