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February 18, 2015

We just received word about a cat hoarding situation in a neighboring town. Our local cat rescue partners, have been concerned about this situation, knowing that this owner may have dozens of cats who are not receiving any veterinary care. They talked with the owner, but made little progress in educating him that these cats needed help. They intend to talk with the Animal Control Officer (ACO).

February 24, 2015

Our rescuers have been going to this house for the past 6 days, but today they were shocked to find a pad lock on the door. They learned that the city had evicted the owner and all the cats were still inside! These cats have been alone and unfed, likely for the last six days. They had no idea just how many cats they would find.

Our rescuer went to the court house to ask a judge for permission to get the keys to the home. She told the judge that she only wanted to rescue the now abandoned pets. Fortunately, the judge agreed.

When our rescuers entered the house, they found several cats left alone in the home without heat and food, living in filth and feces. The stench was overwhelming, and sadly the cats were scared of this newcomer and chose to run and hide. After putting down feeding stations in the least messiest places, several of the cats rushed out to the food but no one was willing to be picked up just yet. They started setting humane have-a-heart traps as they knew time was not on these cats side with no heat in the house and temperatures below freezing. They needed warm shelter, regular meals, and love.

Jewel was the first cat to arrive at NEAS. This 2-yr-old female was nervous and tense. We put her in our isolation room and gave her the night to settle in.

Later, Jack (a 4-yr-old male) and Sheldon (a 2-yr-old male) arrived. These boys were scared but seemed to understand we wanted to help. They let us examine them and start their initial medical work before we got them settled in for the night.

Still later, just before our staff was leaving for the night, Fergus (a 9-week-old male) and Emerald (a 4-yr-old female) arrived. Fergus and Emerald are examined, and although still nervous they were settled in for the night.

February 26, 2015

Jewel and Emerald are pregnant and both are starting to have cold symptoms. We sent Emerald to a foster home to await delivery.

Jack and Sheldon have some wounds that need to heal. Because these are wounds of unknown origin, although likely from the other cats in the house, they need to be held for 6 months under the rabies quarantine law. We sent them to the vet to be neutered. We are watching Fergus for a couple days to make sure he is OK.

Seven adult cats and one kitten have been taken from the home. We think we have them all out but our rescuer will continue to go to the home a couple times a day to make sure no one is left behind.

February 27, 2015

Our rescuer received a call from a local animal control officer asking for help for several more cats. The owner was leaving the home and could not take her cats with her. When asked just how many cats may need help, the ACO guessed at least 30. Our rescuer knew she was going to need more help if we were going to be able to help them all. With the help of two other local organizations 31 adult cats were taken out of the home. Thirteen of those came to NEAS. We needed to make sure we had a separate isolation room for each of these groups. Any time there are this many cats in one home, that have never received veterinary care, it is probable that they will be unsocial but will also have health concerns that will put the other cats at the shelter at risk.

March 1, 2015

From our first group of cats, two of them are pregnant and will need foster care. One is an older lady we will need to keep an eye on. She has severe dental disease and we are concerned about the results we got from her blood work. Two have gone to their foster homes and will be ready to find their new homes in August. Two have been spayed and while they are still shy, they are ready to find new homes. Our little guy, Fergus, sadly did not make it. Once in his foster home we realized that he was having difficulty eating and breathing. We rushed him to the emergency hospital. We were told that Fergus had a cleft palate and pneumonia and even with specialized care Fergus was suffering. We had a difficult decision to make but Fergus was humanely euthanized and passed away peacefully and loved.

From our second group of cats, four of these were pregnant and are in foster homes. Nine needed routine medical care and to be spayed or neutered but are all ready to find new homes. One of the nine, needed extensive dental care. He had several cracked and broken teeth and infection had set in his gums. He will be on a course of antibiotics and will need a special diet for the next several weeks.

All of these cats will need special new adopters. Their adopters will have to understand that they will need time to heal and learn how to be loved. They will have to expect them to hide when they first get to their new home. They’ve never learned how to ask for love but with patience and understanding we know that these cats will become someones best friend.

March 7, 2015

One of our expecting moms has given birth to 3 kittens.

March 10, 2015

One of our expecting moms has given birth to 2 kittens.

March 13, 2015

One of our expecting moms has started to deliver her babies but there may be complications. She is at our vet being monitored to make sure her delivery will go okay but they will be ready to do an emergency c-section if necessary.

March 14, 2015

Our expecting mom was determined to be okay at our vet and did not need emergency surgery.

March 19, 2015

Our mom cat number 2 (who had 2 kittens) has taken on the role of surrogate mom. She is now taking care of her 2 babies, plus 1 baby born to another mom who couldn’t take care of it. Then just this week, one of the other moms rejected her 3 kittens so Mom #2 is now a mother to six!

March 24, 2015

Jens mom









Complete Update

Texas Ranger, 6 yr old male – has been neutered and undergone surgery for severe dental disease and is now ready for adoption – TR is still a little shy, not quite ready to ask for attention although he allows our staff and volunteers to reach into his cubby to pet him and scratch under his chin.

Mrs. Robinson, 6 yr old female – has been spayed and undergone surgery for severe dental disease and is now ready for adoption – MR is still a little shy but coming around and learning how to ask for attention.

Hickiboo, 3 yr old male – has been neutered, undergone surgery for severe dental disease and is now ready for adoption – seems happy in one of our community rooms with a few of his friends. He has a special volunteer friend who visits with him every day to help him get ready for a new home.

Bubba, 6 yr old male – has been neutered, undergone surgery for severe dental disease and is now ready for adoption – we have noticed that Bubba has a strange gait when he walks. This may be from a previous injury. He is not in pain and is coming around well although he is still fearful of sudden loud noises.

Jess, 2 yr old female – has been spayed and is ready for adoption. Jess enjoying spending time with a few of her friends in one of our community rooms.

Rex, 4 yr old male – has been neutered and is ready for adoption. Rex’s blood work shows that he is positive for FIV but is expectec to live a full, happy life.

Mikey – 3 yr old, male – has been neutered and is ready for adoption. We are watching Mikey closely. Mikey was drinking and urinating frequently and after some tests we have discovered we need to treat and monitor him for renal disease. Mikey has been put on a special diet and will get follow up tests in 2 weeks to see if he has improved. We are hoping someone special will come along to adopt Mikey and let him live with them as long as he can. He will likely have a shorter life expectancy.

Jack, 4 yr old male & Sheldon, 2 yr old male – both have been neutered but shortly after arriving at NEAS both were discovered to have wounds on them, likely due to so many unneutered males in the house but because we cannot determine the origin of their wounds we will have to hold them for 6 mos according to Mass. rabies law. They will be ready for adoption mid-August, 2015.

Emerald, 4 yr old female – 3/10 had 2 kittens, 3/13 became a surrogate mom to Stella’s 1 kitten, 3/18 became surrogate mom to Grace’s 3 kittens. Is doing wonderful in her foster home, enjoying attention and motherhood. Emerald and all her kittens will be ready for adoption in May.

Jewel, 2 yr old female – delivered 1 kitten on 3/13 but there were concerns so she was brought to our veterinarian to monitor. She later delivered 2 more kittens and all are doing well in a foster home although Jewel is still learning how to enjoy love and affection. All should be ready for adoption in May.

Puss n Boots, 4 yr old female – when PB arrived at NEAS we new quickly that she would be expecting kittens soon. We had some concerns and rand some extra blood work and took a couple of xrays to make sure all was going well. PB delivered 3 kittens on 3/9 and all are doing well in a foster home. All should be ready for adoption in May.

Ruby, 3 yr old female – delivered one kitten in her foster home on 3/15. Mom and baby are doing well although mom is still shy. They both should be ready for adoption in May.

Grace, 2 yr old female – Grace had 3 kittens on 3/15 but could not take care of them. She was still nervous and would need a little extra care on her own. Grace’s kitten is now being raised by Emerald. Grace has been spayed and is recuperating before becoming available for adoption.

Stella, 6 yr old female – had 1 kitten on 3/13 but was not ready to be a mom. Stella’s kitten is now being raised by Emerald. Stella has been spayed and we are happy to say has already been adopted.

Fergus, 12 week old male – we are sad to say that Fergus passed away. Shortly after arriving at NEAS it was discovered that Fergus had pneumonia and a cleft pallate. He was in very poor condition by the time he arrived at the emergency hospital and our staff stayed with him while he was humanely euthanized to end his suffering.

Tango, 5 yr old female – Boogie, 5 yr old male – New York Groove, 4 yr old male – Wild Thing, 4 yr old male – have all been spayed or neuter, underwent dental surgery and have all been adopted.

Nona, 10 yr old female – was our special kitty. Knowing she was likely the mom to many of these other cats we paid special attention to her health. She only weighed about 5 lbs and needed extensive dental care. There was some concerns with her blood work but after receiving the necessary medical care she started eating again and showed everyone what a lovebug she was. We are happy to say Nona was adopted quickly and is finally living with the love and luxury she deserves.

July 2015 – we are happy to say that all of these cats are now in loving homes.


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