After having to put down our beloved Eliot back in August, I didn’t know who was feeling the loss more, me or my other cat Chadeau.

I saw Oliver (Asa) on the Northeast Animal Shelter website on a Tuesday and knew he was the kitty for me. I was told he was feisty and at first was hesitant to bring such a young and active kitty into the household, but I’m glad I did. He is so beautiful and full of personality, I was surprised he was still there when I checked the site the next day. That Thursday I went to the shelter again and got to hold him. That sealed the deal. He was so loving and affectionate, I knew he had to become part of our family. Even though he is half the size of Chadeau, he loves to play rough but will let his big brother groom him.

We like to call this his official portrait.