2 years ago our 16-year-old cat Tiger passed away. After a year my husband thought it was time we look for another cat. We went to NEAS as we had adopted Tiger there. We went several times, but did not find the right fit. One Saturday we went in and there was Sweet William sound asleep. My husband told me to wake him up because he had a good feeling about this Buff/Siamese mix.

This beautiful guy woke up and came right up and kissed and nuzzled my face and then proceeded to do the same to the entire family. A little over a year later and we could not be happier with the boy now known as Mr. Brady. The counselors did a great job linking us to this very affectionate lap cat. He purrs constantly and is always on someone’s lap and looking for attention. He is the perfect cat for our family. Thank you NEASĀ for giving us a wonderful kitty companion once again!