We lost our wonderful orange tabby Streaker in August after 20 wonderful years and spent the next few months wondering if another cat could ever help fill the void he left behind. One day, we saw a picture of Alex (now Lexi) on the website and immediately knew we had to meet her despite the fact that there was only one picture! After spending 10 minutes with her in the shelter it was obvious we could not leave without her!

Lexi is loving her new home almost as much as we love having her here! She is extraordinarily well behaved, never scratches (people or furniture), doesn’t chew on things and learns very quickly to avoid places that are off limits. The family who fostered her before she was moved to the shelter must have done a great job training her!

She loves to play with us (she will often bring her toys to us, and believe it or not; she puts them back in their place when she is done!) and loves to be pet. She also will give kisses and headbutts. We could not have found a better friend:)