My husband and I adopted Marlowe (renamed to Jonas) in late December of 2008. We had never adopted a dog before, so we didn’t know what to expect. The Northeast Animal Shelter was a great resource, and after we stopped at PetSmart to pick up some sweaters, booties and food, we were on our way with our new family member.

Jonas brought nothing but joy to our family for four and a half years. Unfortunately, he had an underlying health problem and passed away from heart disease in June of 2013. We were devastated. It wasn’t just the two of us who benefited from the time spent with Jonas. Our families, especially my parents, formed a special bond with their “grand-dog.” To my mom, he was her little “Pepito.”
Dogwalkers, groomers, and everyone who met Jonas fell in love with his quirky personality and desire to be loved. This little guy, from the streets of Puerto Rico, lived a short life, but he was loved every minute he was with us. Saying goodbye to him was the hardest thing my husband and I have ever had to do, and it took awhile to ready ourselves for a new dog.

If you had asked us 7 years ago if we would adopt a pet that wouldn’t last long with us, we probably would have said no. But, after the time we spent with Marlowe/Jonas/Pepito we wouldn’t trade it for anything.
RIP Jonas – Adopted 12/30/08 – 6/9/13