Sadie adopted us back on September 29th, 2013 after we lost our amazing guy, Trapper, who was also from NEAS. Sadie was part of the “A” sisters – there were 5 female pups from the same litter. Sadie was so loved wherever we went, that a friend of mine went and adopted one of her sisters, I think it was Annabelle, now named Claire. Fast forward a year and half and Sadie is now a big sister to a human baby. She is so amazing with our daughter and instantly welcomed her as one of the pack.
Sadie loves to go to the dog park and play with her friends at doggie day care. She also has a best friend that lives down the street from us. She is truly an amazing girl, and very smart! We all love her, even when she is doing fresh dog things.
Thank you NEAS for another amazing fur baby!

P.S. I saw in a previous post that another one of her sisters was adopted right after Sadie was, Abbigale. We would love to know how she is doing now!