We can’t believe it has been a year since we met our Maisy (formerly Macy) at NEAS! Here she is with her favorite purple stuffed animal! She loves to throw it around herself or drops it at our feet for a game of fetch. Sometimes she tosses it so high, it lands on the countertop! Although we had not planned to get another dog after the passing of our beloved Shih-tzu, Shelby, once we saw her cute face, we were hooked. She was really scared when we first brought her home and she had daily anxiety/asthma attacks. Since she was abandoned in Georgia, we don’t know much about her background, but it seems like she was mistreated.

We have spent the year giving her lots of love and her attacks have stopped. She does still wait by the door for us to come home, so we put a cushion there and always greet her with a big hello when we get back. She likes to start off the nights at the foot of our bed, but prefers to sleep nearby on the floor. She likes to “sit pretty” when we are eating and wants a treat. We found out she is a picky eater and is finicky about her snacks. She had a few teeth removed before she came to us, so we have to make sure that her treats are easy for her to chew. That doesn’t stop her from enjoying her bones though! She does not bark to go out, but waits patiently for us to take her out. She does like to bark when the mailman comes by or when a visitor comes to our front door. Maisy has been such a wonderful addition to our family!