Pamela is now Baby, and she is doing great. I am more in love with her every day!  She has done very well meeting other doggies, although she still is a little shy – as you all know!

She is a great snuggler! She is so affectionate and is very fond of me, in particular. I am trying to get her out to meet more people,, but she is definitely fearful on car rides. We will be working on that and have already bought a ThunderVest to see how much it eases her fears.

She seems to be totally housebroken with only one incident that might have been a little retaliation because mama would not share people food.

The staff and volunteers at the shelter are wonderful; it was a great experience. I am glad that I took the advice of another counselor on a previous visit. “If they are the right one, you will KNOW it immediately.”