After 3 trips to NEAS, we finally found our Kit (formerly “Bonnie Lou”). Miss Kit must have had a really tough life her first 2 years – being left outdoors to have a litter of kittens on her own in a pile of leaves?!?! When we first brought her home, she was scared of ANY sort of loud noise from outside – be it the mailman or the garbage truck – she would dive under the nearest “shelter.” But the last month or so, she has finally RELAXED and I think realizes that she has indeed found her “forever home.”

She has gone from a “skittish-kittish” to the Queen of the House! She still only wants to be picked up on HER terms, but she DOES like to curl up next to you. Much to my delight, she’s a VERY social, VOCAL kitty and follows us everywhere in the house, chatting all the while. She has claimed every part of the house as a nap spot. I know ALL cats like to be scratched around the head and under the chin, but Kit takes it to a whole other level, and I truly don’t know who likes it more: Her or me! She is so beautiful – my husband and I are constantly telling each other how beautiful her markings are. She is, indeed, the Fourth Great Cat of My Life! This photo is from New Year’s Eve – she loves sitting in front of my computer! Makes it hard to type and read emails, etc., but she is so sweet and pretty!