My husband and I adopted Cinnamon (also known as Cinnabon, Cinnamon swirl, and Cinna-kitty) about a month after we got married. I just wanted to share an update for potential cat adopters. When we first took Cinnamon home in April, she was 100% not a lap cat. She liked to have her space, but still liked to be petted and be near us. Now, almost 8 months later, she is such a snuggler! She started off just laying on our legs when we were spread out on the couch, especially if we were sleeping. Now, she will just hop into either of our laps even if we’re sitting at weird angles! She was always sweet but has become so much more affectionate. We don’t know what happened to her in her past/pre-adoption life, but we are so happy to have her in our lives now! Here is a picture of her sitting in my lap this morning, and I may be biased but I think she’s smiling!