We have renamed “Macie” as Roxy, which we think fits her personality. She has adjusted quite well to her new home. She is house trained as of a couple weeks back. She is super smart and continues to amaze us with how smart and sassy she is. We have her on a good night-time schedule and it seems to fit her just fine. We have started some obedience classes with her. With her size we felt it was important to have us all be trained. So far she is the star of her class and is picking it up quickly but it is still a work in progress.

We have started to socialize her with other dogs. The only thing is, she doesn’t realize how big she is. LOL! She thinks she is a small dog so when she is around smaller dogs she can’t help but scare them a little bit. She tries to play with them but she is a little rough because of her size. She is a super happy dog that just wants to play, eat and give kisses. She loves to lay in our bed and stare at herself in the mirror. She howls and barks at herself in the mirror like she is trying to protect us from the evil dog in the mirror – it is quite comical.

She really loves our bed; whenever the gate is down, we find her in there. One night I went in the bedroom and found her sitting on our bed watching Jeopardy. lol! She knows when she is doing something she isn’t supposed to do. In fact she typically does things she isn’t supposed to do in the back of her kennel. She is super quiet and relieves herself all the way in the back of it (we have a very large kennel for her with an orthopedic bed in it that she LOVES).

We have started to slowly socialize her with our young nieces and nephew. I asked my 3 year old niece if she met Roxy (because i wasn’t home) and she replied, “Oh I know Roxy, she is so silly, she tried to take my toy.” She really is a sweet dog but we are going to have to keep her on her leash when she is around the smaller children for the time being. She likes to jump and give kisses to everyone (and hug people as well) but the kids are small and we don’t want her to knock them over.

The only issue we are having behavior wise (we are hoping to have this corrected with training) is that she gets too excited when people come over and will not stop jumping and nipping at them because she is so excited and she wants them to play. We have tried time outs and giving her toys to play with, but it is almost like she doesn’t know how to turn it off after a few minutes. She is as excited when people first get there until the time they leave. It is a work in progress. This is a picture of Roxy relaxing after her first Thanksgiving.