I adopted Rocco, formerly known as Dylan at the shelter, in the end of November 2014. My family adopted a Lab/Collie mix from the shelter nearly 13 years ago so I knew they would have great dogs to choose from. I was looking for a loving small dog that would spend its days with mostly me, but also my family and friends. An adoption counselor helped me find a dog that would fit with the family, since I was struggling to choose one. I had seen Dylan earlier and the day before. I can’t believe I brushed him off so easily. He has the most beautiful sweet eyes and markings on his fur. When I first adopted him, he was very thin and even more shy. Now, Rocco has opened up fully to me and follows me whenever I leave the room.

He is very attached to me and looks up to me as his mother, which is exactly what I had hoped for. Everybody loves Rocco since he is such a sweet boy and very funny. He’s still very timid with strangers, but once he gets to know someone he is such a sweetheart. Rocco loves to cuddle and be played with, and this may be because he’s still a puppy (10 months) but I know he will still have that playful side to him when he’s older. He is the greatest companion I could have asked for and I am so grateful to the staff at NEAS who paired me up with him. I’m so excited to take care of him for the rest of his life.