“Penelope” is doing fantastic! We have renamed her Pemi, and we have been having a lot of fun together. She is very playful and a mouser! No real mice thankfully, but toy mice are her absolute favorite. She bats them around the house and carries them everywhere. She has finally adjusted to our sleep schedule and is mostly sleeping or at least being quiet through the night now. She loves to cuddle right next to me through the night.

She recently has been sleeping with a stuffed animal during the day, which happens to have the same fur pattern that she has. Over the last three days, we’ve been finding the stuffed animal at difference places throughout the house when we come home! She has been apparently playing with it and dragging it all around, but won’t touch it when we’re home. It’s quite funny.

Pemi is very vocal, she trills and says her kitty hellos a lot. She also loves the sink and tub, and will stare at the drain waiting for I’m not sure what! She really enjoys water.