It’s been three weeks since we brought Peanut home, and we couldn’t be happier with our new princess. She was very shy at first, but warmed up so quickly that we’ve almost forgotten the hours she spent hiding behind the couch at first! She’s still a bit skittish, but she gets better every day. She’s a night owl through and through. Stays under the bed all day, but at 8:30 pm, look out! Peanut is ready to play! She used to keep us up at night because she was so active and noisy, but either we’ve gotten used to it, or she’s gotten more considerate!

We get cuddles on the couch every night, and sometimes even when we’re doing important work and Peanut feels the need to rub her teeth all over the laptop! She loves getting brushed, and flops over to her other side when she knows one is done! She’s a very good housekeeper; always hides her mess in her litter box very well. She’s also certainly not a picky eater. We took her to the complimentary vet appointment, and she came in at a whopping 12 pounds!

She’s lost a great deal of her shyness, and is not afraid to wake mom and dad up at 7 am when it’s time for breakfast (doesn’t matter that it’s Saturday!)

All in all we’re so happy to have our little Peanut, and we love her so dearly. Thanks Northeast Shelter for making a great match!