Nutmeg is now called Elsa. She is a joy. My husband and I couldn’t be more happy. She is a very lively kitty and a very sweet kitty. She is starting to get a little more adjusted to her new home. Her appetite is huge. She eats only Iams food and Rachel Ray Dry food and Greenies treats. She now has a favorite toy, it is a little pink rat. She plays with it all day and carries it around in her mouth. She has no health or behavior problems at all.. She is a normal Kitty. I am glad that she has no interest in going outside.

We have a Christmas tree and she has been having so much fun with it. She plays with the ornaments on the bottom and loves to sit and watch me water it. She is a very curious kitty.

She made our house a happy place for us again. We lost our beloved cat Tigger in November. We adopted him from your shelter 16 years ago.

Thank you for all you do for the animals. I believe it was fate that brought Elsa to us.
We already have her Christmas stocking full for her!