OMG…Sara is such a love. She is so smart for a 3- 1/2 month old puppy. She knows sit, give me paw, other paw, come, go to bed (crate), fetches and brings it back, “drop it” and is learning “heel.” She thoroughly understands “No” but will sometimes test you. LOL. She loves to go on walks and runs right beside me when I run with her. She knows exactly where in the corner of the yard to do her “business,” heads right there every time (sometimes pulls on the leash a bit when she really has to go). 🙂

She is getting taller by the day, and had her first vet visit Saturday, the 22nd. He gave her a great bill of health, and said she was pretty laid back for a puppy. She was very good with him. He gave her the follow-up shots she needed and her rabies. I have another appointment in 3 weeks with a tech to give her the booster shot for Lyme. I gave her the HeartGuard “treat” the other day, and put Frontline on her because of the warm weather we’ve been having, I didn’t want to take the chance. I’m going to Riverside in Haverhill to have her spayed sometime in January after she’s 5 months old.

Zoe, my cat is slowly warming up to her. The other day while Sara was “siphoning” her breakfast, Zoe took the opportunity to go up to her and sniff her tail. I guess she thought it would be safe at the time where Sara was pre-occupied! LOL She has her little “sanction” gated off so she can gradually come out on her own terms. She’s doing very well, and so is Sara. They sometimes are about 2-3 ft apart and just look at each other and try to figure each other out. It’s funny to watch them. Neither of them jump or hiss or bark at the other. I think they’re going to be great friends.

We got so lucky to find a dog as good and smart as Sara. We are very pleased with her and love her tremendously!  Thank you for all the great brochures and paperwork that came with her. It was very helpful! I am going to write to her foster mom too and let her know what a great job she did!