I truly believe when something is meant to be, it will be. Well Good ole Sandy came to us at a perfect time. My 3 year old has been obsessed with the Musical “Annie” for the past 3 1/2 months. As fate would have it, we arrived at the shelter this past Saturday, and our Sandy was there, waiting for us. We waited in the visiting room for our adoption counselor to bring her over, and I was sitting on the floor. Well, Sandy jumped right into my lap and I knew then and there this was our Dog.

She was a stray from Texas, found in a field and she ended up here at NEAS. We have only had her for a few days, but I am amazed and proud of our Sandy baby. She is already somewhat housebroken, so I think she had an owner or stayed with someone at some point down in Texas. She is fantastic and super patient with my toddlers who seem to think they can sit on her and ride her around. She turns around and licks them when they try to do that and my kids run away from her laughing and saying “ew ew ew!”

She is amazing with her crate, she goes to it willingly, and sleeps in it at night. Sandy has been ours for just a short time, but I am continuously amazed at how great she is with us. She socializes well with other dogs and people, and loves to run and play. She was recently spayed, so she is kind of a couch potato most of the time, but I can imagine as soon as her incision heals up, she will be all over the place! Thank you to NEAS and our adoption counselor Sharon for bringing our wonderful Sandy into our lives and helping her find her furever home!