We are enjoying Sparky. He is a joy and helps bring some happiness to my non-stop busy life. He is also a lot if work, but he is a pup so it’s to be expected. Hes got some chewing habits, as in everything, but has plenty of toys. He can be a bit picky with some of the treats and chewable stuff. They are not cheap, and unfortunately once they are opened, I can’t return them and I don’t know if he’ll like them until I open them.

We are still feeding him the Blue. He eats it, but sometimes he lets it get old. The house breaking has been extremely challenging, but we are trying. I’ve been doing some reading to help educate myself. My 9 yr old grandson promised the moon and the stars to get a dog, but he isn’t always doing what he should be. When I’m home there’s not so many accidents, but too often I come home to surprises – sometimes 3 surprises are on my bed! So of course I am not too happy about that, but I can’t blame Sparky. If they don’t let him out, that’s what’s going to happen. My almost 14-yr-old grandaughter is a big help when she’s here weekends. I seem to be Sparky’s favorite, which is nice, but of course I’m the head of the household so I’m sure he sees me as the alpha.

Sparky loves the car and I take him often for rides and to play at a park or visit my mom or a friend. After he gets his rabies, I’m going to get him a pass for the dog park.

I have 3 cats, my oldest, Mommy age 9 is finally starting to get use to him. She lashed out at him twice, but he didnt get scratched. Dusty, Mommy’s son, age 7 has been ok; he just says away from Sparky, and Sparky Is smart enough when they growl or hiss to back off. My youngest cat, Binkz, 1 1/2, seems ok with him; he likes to watch Sparky from a distance which gets closer and closer. Sparky, given the chance, likes to get on top of him and pin him down or use him as a chew toy, the tail or paw, if he can. Of course I am working on that too.