Rosco (we renamed him) is doing great! He is an absolute sweetheart and settling in with the family really well. We put him on a set routine right away and keep him really active with long walks every day and outings to several local dog parks. He sleeps all night, is eating well and like a typical hound his nose is his driver and so we are working hard on training.
He is very smart and is learning new commands every day. We just need to convince him somehow that because he is going to be a big guy he won’t always be able to be a lap dog (see picture). Our King Charles Cavalier and he are getting along OK as long as Rosco doesn’t bat him with his softball size paws 🙂

We have been recommending the Northeast Animal Shelter to everyone. Our experience there was wonderful. In fact, we met two other hounds at the dog park who were adopted from your facility and their parents all said they had the same fantastic experience with your team. I want to mention too that it was very clear to us that the woman that fostered Rosco did a wonderful job. He’s very affectionate and easy going and just adjusted well and easily – that says a lot.