I cannot begin to describe what wonderful addition to our family Venti, now named Nymeria, has been. I have owned numerous cats in my near 60 years and she may be the very best. She has a very unique personality. She is absolutely fearless. She is always happy and seems to purr nearly 24X7.

Everyone who meets her is immediately smitten, but sadly the one exception is our older cat Georgia. Georgia is of course jealous, although we try to not be overly demonstrative to Nymeria around Georgia. Georgia is rather afraid of the kitten despite the size difference. She continues to hiss, but does not do anything more than that, thank goodness. I have recently caught them actually sleeping on the same bed only a few feet apart, so it is getting better.

Nymeria would love nothing more than to be friends with Georgia and hopefully that will eventually be the case. Anyway my husband was so smitten with Nymeria that after a couple of days he said I should see if her brother (another Starbuck’s name sake) still remained so we could adopt him too. It was of course too late, no surprise there, and I am sorry I didn’t take them both at the time…but for poor Georgia’s sake it may be best I didn’t.

Our vet is also in awe of Nymeria and he sees a lot of cats. He thought she was the spunkiest, most self-assured kitten he had ever seen. My daughter has had two different friends who want to buy her…but who would ever sell a family member? Adopting her has been the high point of our year, I would have to say. She is healthy and eating and sleeping just fine. She slept curled around my head the first week or so. Now she takes turns going between me and my daughter as to which bed to frequent each night. She is very social and will walk up to anyone coming into the house just to say “Hi” and “hey, look at me, am I not the cutest thing you have ever seen?” As for other pets she really has only met our Georgia and our bunny. Interestingly enough, our bunny enjoys her company more that Georgia. They seem to get on just fine.

As for our experience with the Northeast Animal Hospital, I have told many folks that it is a terrific place to go to look for a pet. I have always been impressed by your web site, and now I can say that your shelter does a wonderful job for the homeless pets who find themselves there. It was a very good experience and I have told quite a few people to check it out.