We renamed Olivia “Jasmine” because 4 syllables are a lot for a pet. We also call her Jazzy, Jazz, “the Creature,” and “my sweet one.”

She is eating and sleeping well and loves the place … there is a window in every room she likes to look out from and she has lots of toys and a favorite paper bag to sit on. When I’m on the computer, she likes to sleep in the cubby on my desk or sit on the laptop. Sometimes she will lick my nose and goatee. She follows me around and loves playing with Flora.

We took her to The Feline Hospital and she did very well with her physical with Dr. Bird, who is incredible and was the vet for our last 2 cats. She is healthy and yet couldn’t wait to get home.

Jasmine loves to play and pretend she’s in the wild and will stalk toys and even me. She has lots of energy. The experience with the Northeast Animal Shelter was terrific (our 2nd pet from you) as the process was easy and it was good to know Jasmine’s history, even though it was difficult. She seems very happy and excited when we come home, and getting more affectionate each day.

Thank you so much and please know that Jasmine has a great, safe, comfortable, and fun home.