I adopted Ellie on July 5, 2014, and it was the best decision.  After recently losing my childhood dog, a 13 year old female golden retriever, I felt a void that could only be filled with a pet. I went to the Northeast Animal Shelter with the intentions of just browsing.

I walked into the kitten room and instantly fell in love with Ellie, who was named Frimi at the time. Each time I walked near her or past her cage, she would follow me and reach her tiny paw out to me. She chose me and I knew I had to adopt her. Ever since that day, I have been so much happier thanks to Ellie! When she’s not darting around the apartment, greeting my roommates and me at the top of the stairs, talking to us with her “turkey” sounds, she is playing with anything she can get her little white paws on until she falls asleep on the same pillow as me. She is a loving, sweet, playful little girl and I thank Northeast Animal Shelter for everything.