We adopted Eddie in July after returning from vacation. We knew that we wanted to adopt an older pup but really didn’t have any other parameters. We were the first in line that morning and as soon as we saw the four year old black lab in the corner cage we knew he was the one. After a few hours of paperwork and getting to know one another at NEAS, we got the okay to take him home. We proudly walked him outside, popped the trunk to put the newly purchased dog food away… and Eddie jumped in too! He was just as excited as we were to go home and even though he didn’t seem to care how he got there, he eventually was coaxed into trying the backseat out instead.

We knew adopting an older dog came with potential issues (potty, behavioral, social) but were pleasantly surprised that Eddie got alone with people and animals of all ages. The transition has been quite seamless and we lucked out; even our dog trainer said she was surprised by how well-adjusted he is!

We love our happy boy so much and we are so thankful to whomever raised him to be such a good boy up until the point he got lost.