Month go I walk in to northeast animal shelter to look for and adult cat and they said that they had cat in mind that fit best with me so they told me to go ahead and look around so i went in two all rooms were they cats and when I came to punky cage she start to come right up to the cage and started to perr and gave me this wink stear in her eye and the moment I saw her I feel in love with but then I saw this cat I almost wanted to get but she was aband in a box but after that I asked one of the staff if I could visit with punky for a while so let me play with and she came right to me and cuddle with me and I feel in love with her even more and that when I said I found my cat so went and took the blue card from punky cage and bring it up to the front desk and said I would like to adopt punky please so they sent me in to a room and told that punky was the cat they had in mind and told me I picked the right choice on picking punky. So I brought her home and I put her in a small room to her off with but she didn’t like to be in close room by her self I open the door and she warmed to her new home real fast and she didn’t like to be called punky so I changed her named to daisy because she looks more like a daisy and not a punky and I love daisy more then anything and I would never give her up for anything in this world she my favorite princess forever. I wanted to thank the northeast animal shelter and all there staff for there kindness and all there help that they came.