I went into NEAS about a month ago to donate the insulin and syringes to the shelter that I had recently bought for my diabetic cat that passed away in my arms. I was very heartbroken about the loss. I did not intend on adopting a kitten at the time, but I had my heart and mind open to the idea.

When I walked into the kitten room I was at first looking at a female black kitten that had caught my eye, but she was sleeping and paid no interest in me. Sir Faithful (formerly Sherman) heard and saw me and started meowing and reaching out for me. It was then that I felt a connection with him, but even more so when he curled up on my chest and started purring when I was able to hold him.

Then when my husband arrived, we brought him over to the kitten room so he could see if Faithful was a good fit for us, and he just curled up on his chest and started purring and gave the most loving look at him. No doubt – we brought him home that night, and have been enjoying his company! He loves to play with our other cat, especially with her tail! He enjoys his cuddle time with both my husband and I when it is time for bed, and will take turns with the both of us with his sister. He has helped us heal over the loss of our other cat, though he’ll always be missed, we have this little one to warm our hearts when he plays with his sister or cuddles with us. It was a match made in heaven and we will cherish Sir Faithful everyday!