I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to your organization. It was sixteen years ago on Mother’s Day that I adopted my first pet from your shelter. He was an adorable Pug/Yorkie mix. He was just 8 weeks old. I was a novice at dogs but this little boy made it easy. Jack was everything a person wants in a dog. Jack was playful, happy and loving and he loved all living creatures. I never met a person or dog that he didn’t run over to lick. I always said he was aggressively friendly.

Jack and I traveled many places together. He came to Europe with me and Canada. We have lived in seven different houses in our time together. Wherever Jack is was my home. Jack has seen me marry and my husband and two children became part of his world. We also adopted two other dogs that made up our family. Jack welcomed them all.

This past winter Jack began to slow down and eventually was diagnosed with cutaneous lymphoma. Being that he was 16 we didn’t have many options. I did my best to keep him comfortable while this awful disease ravaged his body. I talked about what he meant to me and all the fun we had together. I told him what a wonderful and beautiful dog he was. Yesterday Jack passed away.

I am trying to focus on the many, many happy days we had together but the sheer depth of losing him is still fresh. I am grateful to your organization for giving me the first love of my life. In my sorrow I want to honor him and thank your organization for bringing us together. Please continue doing what you do so that others can experience the joy and love that I have.

Eileen (mother and friend to a special and wonderful dog)