My wife and I had been looking for the right dog for a while and she was starting to think she’d never find one. On a whim we took a ride to the shelter on 7/6 to see what was around and we saw “Stephen.” I had to wait around a bit for someone to put his blue card back but I made sure to grab it as soon as it did – we still can’t believe someone saw him and didn’t want him.

We got to play with him for a little while but we had decided almost immediately we were leaving with him. We adopted him right away and changed his name from Stephen (come on, he didn’t look like a Stephen) to Dr. Kosmo Shenanigans, PhD. We call him Kosmo for short because who wants to be the pompous one by correcting someone and say, “um, it’s DOCTOR,” but I digress. He loves to cuddle with my wife and play with me, so we really have the best of both worlds with the little guy. We couldn’t be happier to have him.