We love her! We have renamed this sweetheart “Troy.” It took about 10 days for my Westie, Kip, to start interacting with her. Now they chase each other around my yard and walk together every morning with other friends’ dogs in the Carlisle Cranberry Bog.

Everyone is very impressed by how receptive she is to everyone who crosses her path, human or canine. One issue we had was that she cried out, as if in pain, every time we tried to pick her up. I took her to my vet and it was determined that she had a slight infection in her anal glands, so she was on a regime of antibiotics for 10 days. Now, she is just fine.

She has much more exercise everyday and I think this has helped her to completely empty her glands, so this should not be an issue. I have discovered that she may have been abused in the past…two times she has found a way to escape from the yard and when we find her and attempt to pick her up, she is extremely agitated, yelping as if in pain and trying to nip your hand. I gently set her down and used a very soothing, low-toned voice before I touched her and she responded positively. I could then pick her up and carry her home. Both times she never got far; just the next yard behind us.

Troy is loved so much by myself and my partner, Jeff. He makes quite a fuss over her especially when she starts stomping her little feet when she’s excited. Troy also loves to root out the chipmunks that live under my screen house. This task can occupy her for hours…I am not exaggerating.

I want to thank you and all the staff at the shelter and I sing your praises to every dog-lover I pass. Jeff wanted a puppy but he loves Troy so much and enjoys living with her. She really keeps us on our toes and she is a great companion for Kip. She has made a place for yourself in our little group at the bog. It is pure joy for everyone to watch her enjoying herself in the woods and wetlands. Thank you again.