In 2008 my family lost a great dog, Dixie, to old age. Her buddy Daphne was lonely and restless so after much debate we decided to try and find our girl a friend. I was browsing the NEAS website and I saw a cockapoo for adoption, the same breed as Dixie!

We went to the shelter and saw Rusty sitting with his nose between the bars of his kennel. He didn’t respond and when we went to move on I heard him start crying. We went and socialized with him and fell in love. The poor boy had been rescued from a puppy-mill and was dying to be a dog.

Well, we took him home and he and Daphne have been best buddies every since! I have never met a sweeter, gentler and loving dog that can compare to my little boy. It’s been a long journey, from teaching him how to use stairs and walk on a leash, to pushing him off my side of the bed, I’ve loved every minute. I wouldn’t trade him for anything!