After months of convincing my significant other that adoption was the way to go, we began stalking the NEAS twitter feed and website. Finally, on the Saturday before Father’s Day, we noticed a new bunch of pups were on their way from Alabama. As we browsed the website, I noticed a little brown and caramel dream, then named Kolby. That morning, we drove up to Salem from Boston and began our search, but Kolby was no where to be found! As we rounded the very last corner of the shelter, we spotted him. My heart almost leapt from my chest – he was the one, there was no other option.

After bringing Kolby home, we decided he was much more of a Charlie. I can’t express the happiness and love that Charlie brings to us. He had a few medical hiccups, but he’s well on his way to being the hound dog he was born to be! Charlie loves running after his tennis ball, snuggling with his stuffed Pterodactyl, and wiggling his way onto his dad’s temperpedic pillow. I’m also pretty sure he’s a genius (although, that’s his mom talking). He loves learning new tricks and commands and is currently attending puppy obedience classes!

I know people say this all the time, but Charlie is the best thing that’s happened to us.