Luke ‘s story started with us on May 7, 2009. I had just lost my Jack Russell “Cooper” after 15 years of being the family dog. I called the shelter and they said: come on down, we have a dog that will suit you. After looking at the many wonderful dogs there, I spotted this little white Jack Russell being shown to a family with a little boy. “Luca” was not accepting the advances of this energetic young man who wanted this dog.  He didn’t like him and proceeded to growl at him!

I took a look at him and said now now this is not acceptable. He looked up at me and lapped my hand. The staff at the shelter said, “Meet Luca.  H is the dog we told you about!”  He was in the foster program because he was so stressed out in the shelter. He came to my house for a visit and never left. He became the best companion I could have ever asked for. He was smart, compassionate and loving. He was the glue that the other animals in the house looked up to.

It is with much sadness that I end my story here. Luke walked over the Rainbow Bridge on June 3, 2014. He had a brain tumor and was suffering from seizures. He was loosing his motor skills yet his heart and kindness and loving ways still comforted me when I was sad.  I will love this dog forever….. Luke we will meet again … God Bless you