My last “child” of my original seven went to heaven this past April. Needless to say my home went very silent. I couldn’t stand it. I went to NEAS two days later… I knew that is what all of my “kids” wanted me to do. Then immediately once I entered ..there they were…Molly and Ralph ! The volunteers told me they were housemates for four years and hoped they could be placed together. Of course that is what I thought I wanted, two kids! Perfect!

Then one volunteer said that Molly was a bit shy and may not come around. Well… I sat on the floor and she came over to me rubbing me all over! Ralph came over too! Then the volunteer said he had never seen her come out for anyone.

She hasn’t stopped rubbing on me ever since! What a little loving doll! And as for Ralph … Big old love muffin! See… I was chosen! They crack me up with their own personalities and I know they are happy too, that they chose me. Mary, Salem,MA