Back in the beginning of 2013 a litter of three puppies were adopted by three complete strangers from all over Mass. Spencer – now Bentley, Sprinkle – now Sierra, and Sparkle who kept her name.  They were all siblings and had only one play date just before their first birthday in November 2013. Their owners had kept in touch but scheduling made it hard for additional play dates.

Well that made no difference when on June 19th Sparkle wandered off with another dog and went missing for three days. Bentley and Sierra made the trip to Ashburnham from Tewksbury and Everett to find their missing sister. We gave the dogs her scent and started our search out in the woods near the lake.  For a few minutes we all walked with no pulling or unusual behavior, when about 10 minutes in both Bentley and Sierra became agitated and wanted to bolt.

We had been calling Sparkle’s name and her siblings had to have heard her. We let them both off leash and with about 10 more minutes of their running and leading us towards the lake and the new construction.  It was then that we heard a familiar bark. WE FOUND SPARKLE!

She had been found and cared for by the staff of a new boy scout camp being built, but they had no idea whom she belonged to as she had lost her harness which had her tags. Her litter mates ran directly towards the barn and stall she had been kept in. The air was filled with the sounds of happy barking and Sparkle was soon home where she belonged.

It was absolutely amazing to see how much love was being shown by this tiny litter who were now a year and a half old. Even though schedules and distance may keep them apart, when the chips are down you can always count on your family to have your back.