My beloved old cat Frisky (also from Northeast Animal Shelter) passed away in January of this year, just shy of her 21st birthday. The grief was overwhelming. After a few months I found myself nurturing every creature I encountered. I was feeding seagulls at Salem WIllows, serving lunch to a handsome gray cat who visits our porch, inviting the second floor cat down to play, and so on. It didn’t feel right not being a pet parent.

I looked at the shelter website a few times and then saw Emily Kitty (formerly Kitty). She looked really sad and grumpy. Her eyes clearly said: “I have no idea how I ended up here but I really don’t want to be here.” I grabbed a friend and off we went to meet Emily. She’s an older kitty (8) and her person had died. We just connected. I went back the next day – my birthday – and adopted her. She settled in immediately. Turns out she’s not a sedate older cat. She’s the funniest and most interactive cat my daughter and I have ever seen. She’s seven pounds of pure affection, playing, climbing, talking to us and snuggling. She’s likes meeting our friends and snuggling on their laps too. She is a pure joy to have and loaded with personality. We love you Emily Kitty and are so glad you joined our family!