November 2012 my family lost the only dog we had ever had at the age of 13 years old. After a month we realized we needed another canine companion to add the dynamic back into the family. In December my family visited NEAS and after searching all the rooms filled with dogs we came upon a small, timid terrier named Buddy (we kept the name). His ears were back and he seemed very scared.

My sister pulled his card and when we finally met him, he completely lit up – a very different dog then what was behind those bars. He licked my mother’s face so much; he was so excited. Then when we took him outside to play ball, he was thrilled. We knew instantly he belonged with us.

Now two and half years later, he is the same happy dog we met. Everyone that meets him, loves him and we could not have asked for anything better. Two things the shelter said he liked…playing with tennis ball (only tennis balls) and car rides. Both were accurate.