We went to the shelter the day before Easter just to visit some of the dogs with no intention of adopting a dog that day. We then saw “Ned” – he was out front in the lobby and really did not want to be in the kennel. After talking with Patrick for a few minutes, we were able to take him for a walk and soon after “Ned” became our new love “Argo.” He has been with us ever since and has quickly entered the hearts of our entire family.  He even spent Easter Sunday at his grandparents’ house.

He now makes friends every where he goes, including dog parks, YMCA T-Ball games, nursing homes and just while out for a walk. Argo is a little dog but don’t tell him that.  You’d never know the way he enjoys wrangling the big dogs like his friend Shamus, a 110 lb French Mastiff. Argo’s favorite thing to do is lay across his parents and just relax – he’s a giant cuddle bug.

Argo recently was at the Wakefield VCA getting ready for his Lyme and Lepto shots and ran into a fellow rescue dog from NEAS, also originally from Alabama. Java was actually adopted the same day as Argo! Both pups had fun playing in the waiting room. We are so lucky to have Argo in our lives and look forward to many more days spent cuddling / loving him.