Words cannot describe how perfectly Pippa has fit into our family. We visited your shelter a few days after putting our senior cat to sleep, hoping to give another deserving cat a home. We spent some time with a few of the cats available at the time, but Pippa (formerly “Penny”) had something special about her.

She had been previously adopted and returned soon after for not having enough personality. Within a day and a half of her coming into our lives, she had already made herself at home and let her four-legged siblings know she was in charge. Pippa has the most outgoing personality we have seen of any animal (dogs included). She is vocal, playful, always ready for a meal, and always wants to be a part of whatever is going on. She has a way of knowing exactly when she is crossing the “cute” to “annoying” line, and will just curl up on you purring when she can tell you have had enough.

Every night I fall asleep to her pouncing at my feet moving under the blankets, and each morning I awake to her asleep on the pillow purring. We literally could not have “ordered” a more perfect cat for what we wanted after putting our previous one down. Pippa is everything and more! Thank you, NEAS.