We adopted Ozzy (FKA Gizzy) the little black chug on April 19th. We had been looking at him online for almost 2 weeks and had also visited him in person before deciding he was definitely for us! We realized it was meant to be because pups usually aren’t at NEAS for that long!

The day we were going we had our alarm set to get us there before opening, but we overslept and when we got there a family had already pulled Ozzy’s blue card. Instead of just leaving I decided to go to the front desk and ask if I could fill out an application for him just in case the family opted not to adopt him. The staff said that was fine, so I filled out the application and hid outside the room where Ozzy was with the potential adopters!

Ozzy had just been fixed 2 days previously and was still very out of it, and even though I told the family I had videos I could show to them of him 2 days before where he was very playful and alert, they decided he was “boring” and weren’t interested! Well, I was, and as soon as they walked away, I was at the front asking for his blue card!

My boyfriend and I got to meet Ozzy (he went to sleep in my lap right away!) and then he got to meet our dog, Lola, a gorgeous 6 year old white boxer. Let me tell you, boring is the farthest from what went on when Ozzy met Lola! It was love, playing, fun at first sight! Literally a match made in heaven!

We finished filling out the paperwork, and even though Ozzy actually could not get his last shot because of a fever, NEAS let us take him home to foster while he finished his medication. Now Mr. Ozzy Bear is officially ours! (even though he was ours from the minute we walked out the door!) I have never owned a boy dog, and as much as I wanted another baby, I figured he would be more my boyfriend’s dog, because Lola was mine for 5 years before he and I met. Well boy was I wrong! He is a total Mama’s boy! The biggest cuddle bug who follows me from room to room, gets up if I go to the bathroom, and wants to sleep in my lap while we drive (we are working on that!). My boyfriend says he stands by the door and cries when I leave!

Ozzy now spends his days playing with his sisfur, or cuddled up with his Momma and Daddy. He has gone to a parade, gone shopping in a purse, and has a group of other dogs he plays with on puppy play dates. All we know about Ozzy was that he was a local surrender and we don’t even know the reason why. All I can say is that it is completely my gain! He is such a good boy, a loving cuddle bug, and we are so glad to call him ours!