We named Miacomet (formerlly Demi) after a beach in Nantucket.  She was age 14 weeks, and one of two of her litter when we met. Since she has been home she has been feeling a little sick. We have taken her to the vet a few times for parasites and now we are looking at a possible food allergy.  The vet suggested she may have signs of Pica.

She loves her crate and her new bed. When she’s not playing she takes refuge sitting in the corner on her bed relaxing. She enjoys going on car rides and is getting used to splashing in the pond. She’s still working on not biting the family when she gets carried away or doesn’t get what she wants. However, she is eager to sit, lay down and give her paw on command. As long as we are in the home, outside is a new game! She will be attending puppy school to learn how to behave with other dogs and walk on a leash.

We are learning a lot about Mia and puppies and dogs as Mia learns about humans. Her stomach problems have slowed down her training, but we hope to continue as soon as she’s allowed to have treats again because food is her biggest motivator.

Mia is amazing and we love to play and give her lots and lots of attention. She loves running errands in the car with mommy and looks forward to her other mommy and the kids coming home from school. She has changed our life for the better and I hope she would tell you the same.