We adopted our beloved Black Lab female mix at 3 mos. old from the shelter. She was the only female in her litter of four beautiful lab mix puppies and we just had to have her. Our best guess is that she is mixed with a Coonhound as she is longer and taller than a pure bred and she is from the South. Her nose is always to the ground and boy is she high-energy!

She’s very fond of kitty cat and often “bays” at him to get him to pay attention to her and play. Luna loves to go on long walks at the reservoir and we are working on her command training. She is mostly house broken and she is a wonderful companion. Luna helps me get up and out because I love her so much; she motivates me to exercise and visit with other dog owners.

She is sweet baby girl and we love her dearly. Her nicknames include Looney Tunes, Luna-tic, Little Dibal (Devil), pup-pup…