My boyfriend, Jim, and I met Inky (formerly “Blackie”) on April 4, 2014. He has only been with us for a little over a week but we already can’t imagine our lives without him. He is the sweetest, most loving fella. He likes being picked up and cuddled, so much so that he’ll ask for it by stretching up to paw gently at your knees with a plaintive mew.

He also loves to play, especially with stick toys and anything else he can bat at or tussle with. His favorite places to be are snuggled up with his people or in his cozy little cat bed. Sometimes, when he’s feeling intellectual, he’ll hang out on the lowest shelf of the bookcase and ponder life, the universe, and everything. He can be curious and sometimes goes for an expedition around the house, but he’ll always end up back in your arms before long.

He stole the hearts of the vet and her assistant at his check-up, and the assistant wanted to take him home with her! Even my mother, who doesn’t think of herself as much of a cat person, is in love with him. I’ve been in touch with his foster mom and I know how difficult it was for her and his original owners to part with him so we will do our absolute best to make sure he has the happiest life we could provide.