Ellie (formerly Mave) came home with us on Feb 19 this year. Ellie stole my heart that day, when she pushed her litter mates aside in the kennel to lick my fingers through the bars. When she came in one of the adoption visiting rooms to meet us, she ran right up to me, licked my face, and rolled onto her back for a good ol’ fashioned belly rub! I just knew she was the one for us! To this day, Ellie continues to roll onto her back for belly rubs and she quickly gained the nickname Ellie Belly!

She’s the sweetest puppy with a playful and courageous personality. Since being with us she’s met many children, people, and other dogs and she has loved them all. She especially loves her Grandma who spoils her rotten. Ellie’s so smart and has learned many tricks in such a short period of time, she makes us so proud! Lastly, NEAS called Ellie a shepherd/lab mix. But we feel like she has border collie in her as well and possibly some other breeds. I’ve decided Ellie’s breed doesn’t matter at all, I started calling her our American dog from the south. Cannot thank NEAS enough for bringing our Ellie Bell to MA. ย She is the love of our lives ๐Ÿ™‚